Lost Winterspire: Into the Void

Chapter 34: Out of the Hills and into the Fire

Reintroducing Festoon


- Festoon, Etch, Malachite and Stab meet at Queen’s Refuge.
- They agree to investigate the ominous Crescent that threaten’s breaking the Moon Hills into the endless void.
- They discover the Two-Headed Kobold, bearing the Undersea Helm that is known to resist the affects of the radioactive Crescent.
- The Innkeepers instead head northwards into the WIld Jungles, finding themselves in Wildstead, home to the Wildmen.
- They find a captured Earth Genasi, known as Uruk.
- Festoon and Etch are nearly captured, but Festoon transformed into a Giant Eagle and allows their escape.
- Malachite and Stab rescue Uruk and numerous other refugees in the meantime.


Valsu Valsu

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