Lost Winterspire: Into the Void

Chapter 35: Across the Rift

Reintroducing Feros


- Festoon and Malachite agree to guide the refugees safely back to the Queen’s Hills.
- Etch, Stab, Machial and Feros locate Uruk, the earth genasi they had recently rescued from Wildstead’s bonfire.
- Uruk reveals he is an emissary of the Elemental Order, hoping to create peace with the Wildmen (he failed).
- The Innkeepers agree to escort Uruk back to the Elemental Order.
- Uruk guides them across the Great Rift that separates this floating land in two.
- Upon the massive root bridge, they are attacked by Chuul, otherworldly lobster creatures.
- They narrowly make it across, arriving in the Dead Bogs known to be home of the Templars.


Valsu Valsu

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