Argeist, Contact of The Shield


“My job is to know. You’re job is to do. Let’s not ask any more questions, shall we?”


This gaunt, yet clever half-orc is a known contact for The Knights of the Shield, one of the Lordships of Waterdeep. He was initially found within the Moon Hills Inn, offering malevolent, yet profitable tasks for notable adventurers. Since then, he has returned to Waterdeep to presumably assist in the looming civil war among the Five Lords of Waterdeep.

Notable associates: Malachite, Rozzo, Festoon, Farin

Notable disagreements: Bal-Darok, Jesus

Notable enemies: Tirlonde, The Silverstars, Castle Waterdeep

Notable allegiances: Knights of the Shield, Waterdeep

Argeist, Contact of The Shield

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