Bal-darok al-Brandr

Paladin of Pelor (Retired?)


Hailing from Templar’s Trespass, a cordoned quarter of the walled desert city of Haz’ran, the divine warrior known simply as Bal-darok has ascended from humble beginnings as a half-orc runt— and orphan of the squalid quarter of Haz’ran known as The Underbelly. While much of Bal-darok’s past remains vague, it is know that he previously served under The Watch, and subsequently rose to become a paladin after studying under the tutelage of a vicar named al-Anwar. Upon official induction into the Templar order, Bal-darok was sent Northwest from Haz’ran to the Winterspire Mountains to serve as the order’s sentry in the north.

He has since left Winterspire to assist the Templar’s in Haz’ran.

Notable— associates: Jesus, Rozzo, Tirlonde, Arbogast

Notable disagreements: Argeist

Notable enepmies: Talimar, Tiamat, The Black Legion

Notable allegiances: The Innkeepers, Templar of Haz’ran

Bal-darok al-Brandr

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