Brunnhilde, Druid of Icewind Pass


“Acht! I can feel the earth tremble and winds cry. Something terrible is upon these lands … and this time, it’s not you civilized folk!”


This alluring fiery red-headed wild woman was first found residing within the Moon Hills Inn. Wielding an oak spear and shield, covered in furs, and adorning white antlers weaved into her knotted hair, Brunnhilde is a Winter Druid from beyond Icewind Pass. At the Inn, she sought to foster an exchange between civilization and the wild.

Shortly after meeting the adventurers, she disappeared into the far north. Since then, Festoon has communicated with her with a mound of talking moss given to him by the roots of a tree. This moss continues to whisper and beckon the Innkeepers to Ice Wind Pass.

Notable associates: Festoon, Beats, The Innkeepers

Notable disagreements: Steeb, Rozzo

Notable allegiances: Nature of Winterspire

Brunnhilde, Druid of Icewind Pass

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