Elminster †, Green Lord of Waterdeep


“Atremus, my son … I entrust you with my army of Waterdeep: The Harpers. It falls upon you and you alone to not only defend our homeland, but the very fabric that makes our world.”


Father of Atremus, Elminster is one of the longest ruling Lords of Waterdeep. Ruling his faction within the Halls of Harpers, Elminster is both a learned wizard and druid. He and the Harpers seek to maintain a balance of neutrality not only amongst the Five Lords of Waterdeep, but across all of Faerun.

He was last seen at the Council of Waterdeep, 1214 before sacrificing himself to subdue Lady Silverstar, revealed as one of the Dragon of Old and subsequently saving the lives of the council and the Innkeepers (Atremus, Rozzo, Feros and Niloc). With no sign of him since, he is presumed dead.

Notable family: Atremus (son)

Notable allegiances: Waterdeep, The Harpers, The Innkeepers

Notable enemies: Lady Silverstar, Talimar, Tiamat

Elminster †, Green Lord of Waterdeep

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