Farin the Woodwalker

Wild Magic Sorcerer


Backstory: Farin may be over two centuries old, but he has the mind of a child. A vulgar, incoherent, drug-addled child. He has no recollection of his childhood, or even much of his adult life. All he knows is the woods, which he has roamed for countless years. What came before the woods, or how he came upon his magical abilities, is of great interest to Farin. It’s too bad he is easily distracted by just about anything that moves, or sparkles. The secrets in his past, should he manage to unlock them, may lead to something far grander than he ever could have imagined…

Loves: Flumphs, cutting off faces, long walks in the swamp.

Goals: Unlock the memories within his tattered mind, consume random vegetation, eliminate that elven twat Tirlonde.

Enemies: Tirlonde.

Farin the Woodwalker

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