King Hrothgar


“I have climbed the Mountain and the Oracles have spoken. I am the Hrothgar. Warrior King of North and defender of Winterspire!”


This towering, mighty illuskan king is the thane of Frosthold. Unlike his peers, he has a deep respect for foreigners offering their aid to Winterspire.

Having conquered and united the seven cities of Winterspire in the recent War of the Hrothgar, this king titled himself The Hrothgar, mythical King of the north. He has recently requested the bannercall, a call to all thanes to march their armies to Frosthold in aid. Few, if any, have answered.

Recently, it was revealed that King Hrothgar had climbed the mountain of WInterspire to meet the Oracles himself, who granted him mythical strength and informed him of TIamat’s return.

According to King Hrothgar, this motivated his misunderstood conquests, as he seeks to united the men of Winterspire to repel the Black Legion.

Notable associates: Steeb, The Innkeepers

Notable enemies: Talimar, Tiamat, The Black Legion

Notable allies: Frosthold, Hrothgar Tower, Hailstead, Westfurt

King Hrothgar

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