Lady Silverstar of Waterdeep †


“I am of purity, grace and temperance. Waterdeep and Faerun are vile and filled with darkness. Offer your allegiance to me and we will cleanse this city … and the world, together.”


Once the White Lord of Waterdeep, Lady Silverstar was accused and arrested on charges of conspiring with Tiamat and Talimar. She was replaced by Tirlonde, the current White Lord and leader of the Silverstars.

During the Council of Waterdeep, 1214 she revealed her true identity as one of the ancient and powerful Dragon’s of Old. Elminster sacrificed himself to deter her from devouring all those inside, including the Innkeeper’s present (Rozzo, Atremus, Feros and Niloc).

Her draconic body was then seen falling in the skyline of Winterspire, presumably north of the Moon Hills Inn. Rumor has it, her soul still lingers on within one of the Innkeepers.

Notable allegiances: Dragon Cult of Waterdeep, Talimar, Tiamat

Notable enemies: The Innkeepers, Elminster, Five Lords of Waterdeep

Lady Silverstar of Waterdeep †

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