Richard Waggler (Rozzo)

Baron of Merrittonia (Retired?)


If you travel to the Nouth-Weastern region of Faerun and stay on that one road, you’ll eventually find yourself in the tiny-but-tough Kingdom of Merrittonia. Its residents live under rule of the “fair but fierce” (“fair” but fierce), Duke Milton Merritt. A man who’s always really nice to you, but seems scary for some reason.

Beside him you’ll see our boy, “The Baron” himself, Richie Richard Waggler! Fresh off winning another fencing tournament, presumably. He’s the REAL star of the show here! See, the Duke is the posterboy, but Dick’s really callin’ the shots!

Small as it may be, running an entire city gets tiresome after awhile and a man needs a break every so often. So, once in a blue moon, our hero disappears into the night and gets into
God-knows-what with who-knows-who. Then he’ll just pop back up, unannounced, months later, as if nothing happened.


Richard Waggler (Rozzo)

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