Talimar †, Summoner of Tiamat


“Tiamat will rissse. And nothing, not even death will stop this realization!”


This copper-skinned, cloaked dragonborn was first found residing in the Moon Hills Inn offering scrolls and magical trinkets for sale. He was accompanied by an enslaved Wild Mage known as Jaira.

After locating his dragon-bone pipes Talimar offered the adventurers a quest to locate his lost Serpent Herb, located within the Misty Rock. Upon returning with the items, he agreed to allow the adventurers to witness a prophetic ritual in which the Dragon Queen Tiamat appeared a vision, informing Talimar of her return to the living world.

Fearing that his evil nature would later haunt them, the adventurers decided to slay the Warlock Talimar, leaving his severed head abandoned behind a rock.

The Innkeepers learned that Talimar’s head had been used by the necromancer Zhul to bring Talimar back to life. Now, Talimar mysteriously roams the Boglands as an undead servant of Tiamat with one goal: to ensure Tiamat’s rise and seek revenge upon those who took his life from him: The Innkeepers.

Since then, he was executed by the Innkeepers after he offered to betray Tiamat in their favour.

Notable associates: Jaira, Contacts in Waterdeep

Notable enemies: The Innkeepers

Notable allies: Zhul†, Tiamat, The Black Legion

Talimar †, Summoner of Tiamat

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