Thanes of Old Winterspire †


Thane of Hailstead:
“I may have been petrified but I am a warrior of Hailstead and it is my duty to answer the Bannercall and defend my people.”

Thane of Westfurt:
“Leadership was thrust upon me and I will gladly take it. Although those Hags nearly took everything from us, we will have our revenge. Consider your bannercall answered.”

Thane of Hrothgar Tower:
“We are the keepers of Hrothgar Tower and the Secrets of Old. Yet, if our King Hrothgar needs us during such dire times, we will offer him our allegiance.”

Thane of Stoneheim:
“Our great industrious city is led by the mightiest of nobles: the Stoneheim Hammer. We will march to Frosthold and smash the Black Legion with our mighty cannon!”

Thanes of Old Winterspire †

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