Tiamat †, The World Eater


“I will tear your world asunder. Your mountains will tremble, your oceans will boil and your continents will shatter upon my arrival. The dragons will once again take their rightful place as rulers of this world and I will be their Queen.”


Long before mankind, this five-headed Black Dragon Queen once shared her rule of the world with the White Dragon Bahamut. Believing herself and all Black Dragons to be the most intelligent and powerful creatures in existence, she slew her brother Bahamut and established her tyranny over all living creatures.

This tyranny was ended when the Giants of Old rose up in defiance of the Dragons. Yet, it was not without cost. While Tiamat has banished to the Nine Hells, the mythical war nearly destroyed the world and every Giant and Dragon with it. Legends say it shattering the continents and filled the oceans, ushering in the current age of mankind and humanoids alike.

Bound in imprisonment by the Devils within the Nine Hells, Tiamat bode her time and plotted her escape. Little is currently known of how she broke free of her imprisonment.

And it is here in Winterspire that her return might occur. Cultists of Tiamat and her agent Talimar are actively seeking to summon her to the living world. Her army in the east, known as the Black Legion, actively marches forward to usher her return and ensure her rise.

Notable associates: Talimar, The Innkeepers

Notable disagreements: Torinn, The Innkeepers

Notable enemies: Giants, White Dragons, Bahamut

Notable allegiances: Black Dragons, The Cult of Tiamat, The Black Legion

More information on the Legend of Tiamat: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tiamat_(Dungeons_%26_Dragons)


Tiamat †, The World Eater

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