Tirlonde, Lord of the Silverstars


“I am a humble servant of the lord Tyr and The Silverstars. It my duty and honour to bring righteousness to these savage, god-forsaken lands.”


This tall, noble and blond high-elf is a known emissary for The Silverstars, one of the Lordships of Waterdeep. He was initially found within the Moon Hills Inn, offering benevolent tasks in hopes of inspiring adventurers to fight for righteousness in such a barbaric land. Since then, he has returned to Waterdeep to presumably assist in the looming civil war among the Five Lords of Waterdeep.

Following the Council of Waterdeep, he was recently elected as the White Lord of Waterdeep by Rozzo’s proposal, replacing Lady SIlverstar, a secret agent of Tiamat.

Notable associates: House of Belster, Bal-Darok, Jesus.

Notable disagreements: Farin, Steeb, Knights of the Shield, Red Sash Canton

Notable enemies: Lady SIlverstar, Talimar, TIamat

Notable allegiances: Rozzo, The Silverstars, Waterdeep

Tirlonde, Lord of the Silverstars

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