Torinn †, Betrayer of the Black Legion


“The Black Legion is coming. And I intend to stop those misguided defilers.”


This silver-scaled and brutish dragonborn barbarian hails from the far eastern hordelands. Once an officer of The Black Legion, he became disillusioned with their cause, believing the superiority of dragonborn to be above the murderous and vile acts he and his army committed during their conquests.

He has since abandoned The Black Legion and formed a band of ex-legionnaires known as the Lost Legion. Torinn and his men actively seek to prevent Tiamat’s rise and to slay his personal rival, Talimar.

He was first found outside of Westfurt, after being informed by his associate Steeb to meet him there. There, he informed The Innkeepers of the coming of the Black Legion, an army of kobolds, undead, cultists, orcs, whelps, dragonborn and mighty dragons with the goal of ensuring Tiamat’s return and rise.

According to Torinn, the Black Legion will arrive within a month of meeting him, leaving Winterspire with little time to prepare the arrival of the onslaught of Tiamat’s horde.

Notable associates: Steeb, The Innkeepers

Notable allies: The Lost Legion

Notable enemies: Talimar, Tiamat, The Black Legion

Torinn †, Betrayer of the Black Legion

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