Zashiera, Enchantress of the Rashemi


“My rite of has passage has led us to these barbaric wastelands. And whether Ataba likes it or not, we have been led here for a grande reason… How exciting!”


Zashiera can offer magical enchantments, her knowledge of mystics, the tarot and freely casts spells of identify for members of The Innkeepers.

Both Zashiera and Ataba hail from the southern wordly kingdoms of Rashemi, filled with harsh jungles and beautiful savanna. The enchantress Zashiera claims they have been called to Winterspire as part of their dajemma, a rite of passage all Rashemi must endure in order to prove themselves as they come of age.

Her guardian Ataba has a shaven head painted with white, spiritual symbols. He is weary of travelers and the world beyond the Rashemi. As a result, he is highly protective of Zashiera, who seems to commonly drag him into risky adventurers out of her own curiosity.

Zashiera is adorned with colourful robes, numerous beads, trinkets and wears braided deadlocks. Unlike Ataba, she is naive and adventurous with a keen interest in the world beyond her home kingdoms. A wizard by trade, Zashiera has focused her studies not on violence, but on the magics of seers, fortune-telling and enchanting powerful trinkets and jewels.

After meeting the adventurers and the founding of The Innkeepers, Zashiera seeks to aid them in their journey, believing it to be part of her dajemma. Currently, she offers them insightful visions into the future and powerful magical enchantments, allowing adventurers to craft their own personal magical items using gems.

Notable associates: Steeb, Niloc, The Innkeepers

Notable allies: Ataba, Kingdoms of Rashemi

Zashiera, Enchantress of the Rashemi

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