Lost Winterspire: Into the Void

Chapter 41: God from the Machine
Reintroducing Farin/Pending Update
Chapter 40: Marklar's Divide
Pending update
Chapter 39: Genies beneath the Machine
Pending update
Chapter 38: Guests of the Elemental Order
Pending update
Chapter 37: Crags, Hags and Harpies
Pending update
Chapter 36: The Bog's Edge
Pending update
Chapter 35: Across the Rift
Reintroducing Feros


- Festoon and Malachite agree to guide the refugees safely back to the Queen’s Hills.
- Etch, Stab, Machial and Feros locate Uruk, the earth genasi they had recently rescued from Wildstead’s bonfire.
- Uruk reveals he is an emissary of the Elemental Order, hoping to create peace with the Wildmen (he failed).
- The Innkeepers agree to escort Uruk back to the Elemental Order.
- Uruk guides them across the Great Rift that separates this floating land in two.
- Upon the massive root bridge, they are attacked by Chuul, otherworldly lobster creatures.
- They narrowly make it across, arriving in the Dead Bogs known to be home of the Templars.

Chapter 34: Out of the Hills and into the Fire
Reintroducing Festoon


- Festoon, Etch, Malachite and Stab meet at Queen’s Refuge.
- They agree to investigate the ominous Crescent that threaten’s breaking the Moon Hills into the endless void.
- They discover the Two-Headed Kobold, bearing the Undersea Helm that is known to resist the affects of the radioactive Crescent.
- The Innkeepers instead head northwards into the WIld Jungles, finding themselves in Wildstead, home to the Wildmen.
- They find a captured Earth Genasi, known as Uruk.
- Festoon and Etch are nearly captured, but Festoon transformed into a Giant Eagle and allows their escape.
- Malachite and Stab rescue Uruk and numerous other refugees in the meantime.

Chapter 33: Terror at Queen's Refuge


- Niloc, Malachite, Stab and Machial awake at Queen’s Refuge
- Miri informs the party of a map she had commissioned a cartographer to make, a task that took him nearly a year and drove him mad.
- The Innkeepers agree to find the map, said to be sold among the merchants within the refugee camp.
- The party reunites with Ataba, only to learn he has succumbed to the Void Terrors that have been haunting him.
- The Void terrors reach out and attack the villagers of the town, leading to many deaths but are ultimately subdued by the Innkeepers.
- A trail is held to remove them from town, but the Innkeepers are able to garner support.
- The map is returned to Queen Miri.

Chapter 32: The Queen's Hills


- Etch, Stab find themselves barely alive and desperate to find civilization.
- A man approaches, known as the Priest of Lathander.
- He has gone mad and walks upon the Road of Despair to the edge of the land, hoping to escape this cruel world.
- The party attempts to rob and trip him, but he escapes and quickly leaves.
- The Innkeepers agree to head southwards, learning of a refugee camp nearby.
- They pass the great, radioactive Crescent Moon and learn they are being tracked by Displacer Beasts.
- As they arrive at the gates to the Queen’s Hills, they are stopped by the border guard, Bashe who attempts to con them out of coin.
- They outwit her and travel to the camp, only to be ambushed by the Displacer Beasts that have been hunting them.
- However, they safely arrive at the refugee camp and meet the Queen of the Hills, revealed to be Miri, the barmaid en of the former Moon Hills Inn.


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