Battle of the Moon Hills Inn

On the 8th day of Leaffall, the Moon Hills Inn was assaulted by agents of Tiamat. A band of fanatical kobolds assisted by an ironclad Ogre stormed through the doors of the inn, hoping to slay all those who had trespassed into their domain.

The assault was motivated the adventurer’s incursion deep within the Moon Hills Labyrinth. It was there they found a ritual portal opening to the Nine Hells. Channeled by fanatical kobolds and led by a member of the Black Legion, this portal summoned Black Dragons who had served Tiamat in the past and had become banished.

The result was a victory for adventurers who managed to defend the inn and seal the portal to the Nine Hells. The battle was a hallmark in the founding of the order of The Innkeepers, uniting the once fractured group of adventurers to a single cause.

Since the battle, the Paladin Jesus rebuilt the Inn’s iconic oak door using his fine carpentry tools.


Battle of the Moon Hills Inn

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