Elminster's Farewell

On the 29th day of Leaffal, 1214 at the Council of Waterdeep the wizard and father to Atremus confronted Lady Silverstar, who had become an ancient Dragon of Old:

The room suddenly fell silent in deep respect.

“Atremus” Elminster turned and smiled “My son,”


“You and I both know I have spent far too many years on this earth than I have deserved,” he chuckled dearly. “And in all my time among the elements, all I have saw. All I have learned. All I have taught. And all there is still to be revealed.”

“It falls upon me, like any of the wise of their day, to make My Sacrifice.”

“Just like it has fallen upon those before us.”

“And soon enough, Atremus. Just like will fall upon you in the coming days.”

“Vanquish her Atremus. Vanquish Tiamat. All her Hate. All her Destruction. It must be stopped.”

“Alongside the blood beating within my heart, I entrust you, my son, with my army of Waterdeep, the Harpers. It falls upon you and you alone to not only defend our homeland, but the very fabric that makes our world.

“I bid thee well,”

And with those last words, Elminster turned towards the pitch black doorway as the spreading darkness enveloped all that could be seen of his body.

A tremendous howl shattered across the room knocking everyone to the ground. A sudden crackle of lightning was heard as a fantastical nova flashed before their eyes. The hallway and half of the Council Chamber’s walls and ceiling crumbled with it. As the light faded, all that could be seen the gargantuan black shadow of a Dragon of Old: Lady Silverstar slowly flapped her wings in the air.


Her jaws, large enough to devour ten men in a single bite, opened wide as a cornucopia of acid bubbles swelled in her mouth. Yet as the lives of all those within the chamber flashed before their eyes, a great dome of light swept across the room.

While no words were heard within the silent room, every living soul there could confirm they heard Elminster speak a final command: “BEGONE PRINCESS OF TIAMAT!”

The colossal Dragon shrieked in excruciating pain and was flung across the northern skyline like a ragdoll. In the distance, her bleeding figure dropped like a fallen angel. As Atremus, Rozzo, Feros and Niloc stood to their feet, acid rained down from the skies of Waterdeep; the blood of a dragon.

Looking upon where Elminster once stood, nothing could be seen in the wreckage. He was now gone, one can presume, from this earthly plane.


Elminster's Farewell

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