Enchanting and jewelcrafting can be completed by seeing either Zashiera or asking the player Jesus.

You may use the planar magic found within gems to add magical effects to a piece of your equipment or use it to craft a ring you may wear. Depending on how powerful you choose your enchantment to be, it may consume one or more gems and/or require a stronger gem based on its price. When enchanting, the gem is destroyed and its essence is infused within a piece of equipment or added to a ring/artifact.

For example, enchanting a sword that allows you to re-roll 1’s on it’s damage dice (once per day) is an aggressive enchantment and would require a gem from the Plane of Fire. Accuracy would be Air, defence would be Earth and healing would be Water. Not all enchantments have to be combat related and can improve social interaction or any other possibility the player seeks to create.

Plane of Fire: These gems may contain energy from the Chaos Plane. These are known as the sign of aggression, passion, strength and dexterity. This includes damage enchantments.

25GP Gems: Banded Agate (brown-red), Tiger eye (orange), Lapis Lazuli (blue, yellow)
50GP Gems: Bloodstone (blood red), Sardonyx (opaque red, black), Citrine (bright orange)
100GP Gems: Garnet (transparent red-purple), Jet (deep black)
500GP Gems: Topaz (golden yellow)
1000GP Gems: Fire Opal (fiery red), Star Ruby (transparent red star)
5000GP Gems: Ruby (deep crimson red)

Plane of Earth: These gems may contain energy from the Order Plane. These are known as the sign of vigilance, rationalism, constitution and wisdom. This includes defensive enchantments.

25GP Gems: Obsidian (black), Moss Agate (green), Hematite (grey-black)
50GP Gems: Onyx (black, white), Carnelian (orange-brown), Zircon (transparent blue)
100GP Gems: Amber (gold sap), Tourmaline (transparent green, brown)
500GP Gems: Alexandrite (dark green), Peridot (olive green)
1000GP Gems: Opal (transparent blue, green, gold), Black Opal (transparent black)
5000GP Gems: Jacinth (transparent orange and earth)

Plane of Water: These gems may contain energy from the Positive Plane. These are known as the sign of cleverness, mysticism, intelligence and charisma. This includes healing enchantments.

25GP Gems: Turquoise (blue-green), Malachite (green), Blue quartz (pale blue)
50GP Gems: Moonstone (pale grey), Chalcedony (opaque white), Chrysoprase (transparent green)
100GP Gems: Coral (opaque orange), Jade (transparent green), Pearl (opaque white)
500GP Gems: Black Pearl (opaque black), Aquamarine (deep blue)
1000GP Gems: Blue Sapphire (transparent blue), Emerald (bright green)
5000GP Gems: Black Sapphire (transparent black, deep blue)

Plane of Air: These gems may contain energy from the Negative Plane. These are known as the sign of deception, allusiveness, dexterity and charisma. This includes accuracy enchantments.

25GP Gems: Rhondochrosite (pink), Azurite (deep blue), Eye agate (gray, blue)
50GP Gems: Quartz (white, yellow), Star Rose Quart (rosy-white), Jasper (opaque blue)
100GP Gems: Amethyst (deep purple), Spinel (transparent red), Chrysoberyl (transparent yellow)
500GP Gems: Blue Spinel (transparent blue)
1000GP Gems: Yellow Sapphire (transparent yellow), Star Sapphire (white star)
5000GP Gems: Diamond (transparent white)


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