Frosthold City


Frosthold city is the home of King Hrothgar and considered the capital of the Illuskan Kingdom since the War of the Hrothgar that united the land.

The fortress city lies at the base of the Winterspire Mountain Peak and is divided into three holds and a single, highly fortified castle known as Winterspire Castle.

The Damphold is located directly beyond the city’s gates and houses two notorious inns, the Wayward Wanderer and the Thirsty Vagrant. The Damphold is currently filled with numerous adventurers, mercenaries and outsiders, hoping to make a solid coin and eventually climb atop Winterspire Peak. Many of these foreigners can be found within the Thirsty Vagrant, the city’s overcrowded whorehouse.

Recently, the Wayward Wanderer Inn has been closed following a mysterious murder of the innkeeper by strange cultists.

The Ironhold is located in the central part of the city and known as the craftman’s district. It is home to the Frozen Shield (Armorsmith), the Warmaiden’s Hammer (Weaponsmith), Winter’s Library (Wizard’s Arcanum), the Ironhold General Goods Store and the Ironhearth Inn. The Ironhearth Inn is a well-known gathering of the city’s merchant class.

The Bannerhold surrounds Winterspire Castle at the base of the mountain. It is home to the Bannerman’s Spirit (Primal Arcanum), Tempest’s Hold (Divine Arcanum) and the Bannerside Inn. The Bannerside Inn is a well-known gathering of the city’s nobles and high-ranking warriors.

Castle Winterspire is home to King Hrothgar. Its sealed gates block any entry into the depths of Winterspire Mountain to which the castle is partially built within. Recent observations from Hrothgar Tower reveal a spiraling path that project up the mountainside, offering a safer climb to the mythical peak.

Frosthold City

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