The magical herbs of Winterspire can be found using either a Nature and/or Survival check. They can be made into salves, potions or poisons using a Herbalism kit with either a Nature or Herbalism check.

Ragweed: Finders may notice a poisonous rash appearing if harvested incorrectly.

Chill Moss: This cold moss from the north is said to have minor poison or sickening properties.

Mountain Leaf: This minty leaf is said to have minor healing or recovery properties.

Creep Cluster: These thick roots found gripping many rocks and stones in the north are said to have moderate defensive properties.

Snowberries: These sweet, rosy berries are said to have moderate healing properties.

Wintercap: These noxious mushrooms are cold to the touch and are said to have major poison or sickening properties. They often reek of decay.

Royal Jelly: This mythical honey found only among the rarest of hives is said to have major magical properties. Rozzo recently acquired the knowledge that it can be used to return spell power (restores a spell slot) and can be used to breed queen bees.

Frost Bloom: Little is known of this extremely rare and legendary flower of the north.


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