The Bannercall

As the adventurers arrived in Frosthold during the month of the Fading, they learned of King Hrothgar’s bannercall: a call to all the thanes of Winterspire to march their armies to Frosthold.

According to the King Hrothgar, the bannercall was initially called to restore order to Winterspire as increasing numbers of ogres, barbarians, orcs, hags, harpies, kobolds, fiends and many creatures from the feywild have overrun much of the countryside.

Upon further investigation, it was later revealed that King Hrothgar has been aware of Tiamat’s potential return for many years, motivating his conquests during The War of Hrothgar and the real purpose for the bannercall.

Bannercall marches: Frosthold, Hailstead, Westfurt

Bannercall pending: Hrothgar Tower, Stoneheim, Luskan,

Aid from beyond: The Innkeepers, Bulrog (Half-Ogre), Torinn

The Bannercall

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