The Innkeepers

Founded on the 10th day of Leaffall, the Innkeepers is a secret order of adventurers who share a common purpose. While their true purpose is unclear, the organization hopes to serve the best interests of its members and to defend the Winterspire Mountains from the return of Tiamat and the invasion of The Black Legion.

With Tiamat defeated, the purpose of the Innkeepers came into question. With Winterspire now ejected from Faerun into the endless voids of the Astral Sea, much of the surviving population of Winterspire now blame the Innkeepers for their foes. As a result, the Innkeepers have faded into hiding, perhaps even disbanded.

Current Members:
Brutus, Rogue of the Moon Hills
Bal-Darok the Paladin of Vengeance
Beats the Vengeance Paladin
Steeb the Illusionist Wizard
Rozzo Stinger the Bard of Lore
Malachite the Trickster Cleric
Feros the Eldritch Knight
Festoon the Moon Druid
Niloc the Warlock of the Archfey
Farin the Wild Sorcerer
Jesus the Paladin of Devotion
Delorah Wolfheart the Beastmaster
Penela the Conjurer Wizard
Pigeonhorn the Hunter
Remi the Rogue Assassin
Blaine Embercloak the Champion


The Innkeepers

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