The Story of Old Winterspire

I. The Origins:
Before the age of mankind, the world of Faerun was ruled by two legendary races: the Giants of Old and the Dragons of Old. The Dragons of Old were jointly ruled by a brother and sister. Tiamat, the Queen of the Black Dragons and Bahamut, King of the White Dragons.

Tiamat, believing that Dragons were rightful rulers of the world, slayed her brother and raised an army against the Giants known as the Black Legion. This catastrophic war literally tore the world asunder, remaking Faerun as it is today and in the process, obliterated both the Giants and the Dragons of Old. For her crimes, Tiamat was banished to the Nine Hells to be eternally imprisoned by Orcus, the Prime Devil.


II. A Winterspire Welcoming:
With Tiamat’s myth long forgotten by the year 1214, the lands of Winterspire Mountain are now crawling with adventurers. These barbarian lands have only recently been opened to visitors as numerous hags, harpies, savages and various other monstrosities have plagued the land. Furthermore, legends speak of the Oracles atop Winterspire Mountains who would grant the wish of anyone daring to climb to its wretched peak.

As the adventurers made their way to the illuskan city of Frosthold, they learned of the Bannercall – a call to arms by King Hrothgar to bring order to his recently conquered kingdom. Hoping to gain the favour of the King Hrothgar in order to climb the mountain, they agreed to help his various Thanes answer the call.


III. The Chronicles of the Moon Hills Inn:
Brutus, the owner of the Moon Hills Inn, had established his inn shortly after collecting various spoils from the nearby Moon Hills Labyrinth. Of note, his wise and close friend Atremus had found the Skull of Orcus, an artifact of great evil.

It was during this time the adventurers were offered a task to visit the Misty Rock by an ominous, dragonborn warlock named Talimar. Within the Misty Rock, the adventurers found a small amount of Serpentherb, which Talimar and the adventurers agreed to smoke together. This revealed a vision of Tiamat, who spoke to them and prophesied her return to devour and remake this world. Realizing this danger, the adventurers immediately slayed Talimar and freed his enthralled wild sorcerer that was feeding him her lifeforce.

IV. The Coming of the Black Legion:
After Brutus revealed secrets of the Skull of Orcus to his adventurers in the Moon Hills Inn, they agreed to venture into the nearby Moon Hills Labyrinth. Within the kobold infested ruins, the adventurers stumbled upon a dark ritual summoning black dragons from the Nine Hells guarded by a dragonborn Legionnaire. It was confirmed: Tiamat’s return was indeed true.

After an attack upon the Moon Hills Inn, Brutus agreed they must work together to fight Tiamat’s return and decided to found an organization called the Innkeepers. After recruiting various thanes to answer the Bannercall including reaching Hrothgar Tower, the adventurers met an ex-legionnaire named Torinn. He informed them that the Black Legion has risen again and marches towards Winterspire from the east, hoping to ensure Tiamat’s rise.


V. The Lords of Waterdeep:
Fearing that illuskan armies of Winterspire would be no match for the Black Legion on their own, the adventurers decided to travel to Waterdeep in hopes of securing their aid. However, the Five lords of Waterdeep were on the verge of civil war. It was also discovered that the civil war is directly connected to the Cult of Tiamat and at least one of the Lords, Lady SIlverstar, is secretly an agent of Tiamat.

With the Lords of Lovers Opera successfully completed, the Council of Five Lords met to discuss whether the city will march against Tiamat’s Legion. The vote to dispatch the Army of the Five Lords of Waterdeep passed with a vote of 77 “yea” to 55 “nay”.


VI. The Siege of Winterspire:
With the civil war in Waterdeep avoided, the Innkeepers had secured the aid of one of Faerun’s largest armies. Having sought the aid of the Giants of Old and vanquishing the orcs at the Fortress of Frost, the Black Legion was ultimately halted at the base of Winterspire Mountain.

Upon the Peak of Winterspire, Tiamat was once again banished to the Nine Hells by the combined Scepter of Orcus. However, such power came at a price, as Orcus used the opportunity to summon himself into Faerun. With the Innkeepers unexpectedly bringing him directly to the Peak of all the World’s upon Winterspire, he hoped to unleash his strength into the cosmos and rule all of Faerun.

However, the Innkeepers and Steeb quickly put an end to this. Using his wish to unleash an otherworldly explosion upon the Peak, a rift into the Astral Sea was opened. Orcus was absorbed within, lost for eternity. However, so was all of Winterspire as the whole Kingdom was ripped from Faerun and thrown within the voids of the endless Astral Sea.

Only to become the brave new world known as Lost Winterspire…


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The Story of Old Winterspire

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