Tempest Cleric


“Watch for the cults of Orcus and stamp them out whenever they arise. The Demon Prince of the Undead seeks to claim the Raven Queen’s double chocolate cookie recipe for the yearly all deity bake off.”


Feros has lived an odd life to say the least, when he was still a young elf he made the decision that he was going to join the Tempest Clerics of Melora, who had a temple near in his home town. While still in training he was tasked with aiding the escort of a dangerous relic of Orcus who was an enemy of their goddess. Unfortunate for Feros the relic would never reach the safety of their temple. The group was ambushed by cultists and the relic was stolen. Though injured Feros managed to survive the encounter, the only one of the group to do so. When he returned to the temple to report what had happened, the elders believed Feros to be a coward and to have run off when the cultists attacked, for in their mind how else could this acolyte survive where seasoned Clerics at fallen. The truth of the matter was that Feros had been rendered unconscious early in the battle and the cultists had left him for dead, but the elders would not listen and exiled him for his cowardice. As the temple had much influence in the town he was forced to leave the only place he had ever known, and venture out into the unknown wilderness, forced to interact with other races he knew so little about, a situation he was not looking forward to, as his first interaction with humans being the cultists that caused this situation had left a fowl taste in his mouth.

Having no coin and a lack of supplies other then a basic set of armor and a old mace, Feros was forced to suck up his anger at the humans and join a mercenary company to make the gold he would need to begin his mission of hunting down the stolen relic. Unfortunately for him the group he joined did not help remove his hatred for humans, as the ones in his company seemed to harbor a similar dislike of elves. Saving ever bit of coin he could he managed to buy all the equipment and supplies he needed, and left the mercenaries and struck out once again into the wilderness.

Feros began making quick work of any of Orcus’ vile cultists he could find, wiping our several of their camps. It was in one of these camps that fate seemed to smile upon him, as he came across a note discussing a relic, believing it to be the relic he sought he set off for the location mentioned in the letter, the Moon Hills.

Upon reaching this new land Feros located an Inn, it was there he learnt of a labyrinth close by, believing that to be the location of the relic he began looking for ways to breach its fortifications, upon realizing that he alone was not capable of reaching the inner most sanctum he returned to the inn where a secretive dwarf named Traevus was recruiting adventures to enter the labyrinth to take back a lock-box that was stolen from him, seeing this as his best way in to locate the relic he excepted the job along with 2 humans, a rogue named Brutus and a mage named Atremis.

Together the 3 adventures journeyed into the labyrinth and bested all the threats within, finally reaching the inner chambers of the man that stole the lock box and who Feros believed had the relic. It was there the 3 fought against the powerful cultist who had turned himself into a tiefling through the power of Orcus and the relic, and through much strife defeated him. Upon returning to the the Inn the 3 were stuck with a dilemma, what to do with the relic they had recovered. Feros now being able to sense the full power of the relic, now that it was no longer shielded by the enchanted case the Temple had placed it in, feared it and had no real desire to trek back to the Temple that had exiled him. In truth Feros now doubted that a Temple as small as the one he had cloistered at could even protect such a powerful relic, for one of this power would surely attract powerful enemies. After much deliberation it was decided that the task of hiding and protecting the relic was best suited to Atremis, for of the 3 he was the most capable of resisting its allure and concealing its aura. After that the 3 went their separate ways, Brutus took control of the Moon Hills Inn, Atremis went into hiding to better protect the relic, and Feros now lacking a purpose decided to just wander and learn of the other races. and their cultures, to see if Brutus and Atremis were a better example of what the others were really like, rather then the cultists and mercenaries he had the pleasure of interacting with before them.

Sadly for Feros this was not meant to be, shortly after leaving the Moon Hills he was found by the Clerics of his temple. They too were seeking the relic and upon reaching the labyrinth they had learnt it was already taken away, and head that Feros was involved. Feros still of the belief that if these Clerics got their hands on the relic it would mean ruin for them and his home town refused to divulge any info on where the relic was or who held it. In their rage they claimed Feros to be working with the cultist and put him to death.

He remembered floating in a void a sea of nothing, and then a beautiful female voice “Arise again, and serve as my servant, my champion”. Without thinking he heard his voice answer, “Yes my Queen”. He opened his eyes to see trees, and stars, feel the wind on his face and the sound of owls and crickets in his ears. He thought to himself, were was he, and as he tried to remember he realized that not only did he not know where he was or how he got there he couldn’t remember who he was or anything before he had opened his eyes. As he thought harder and harder all he could gleam from his mind was the name Feros and an order, “Travel to Haz’ran, seek out my enemies and end them”.

Once again Feros found himself opening his eyes upon an unfamiliar place, this time surrounded by sand and with the sun blinding him, and once again he could not remember how he got here, he hoped that this was not to become a habit for him. He looked around and found nothing but corpses, and wreckage of a caravan. It looked like a major battle had occur, and as he looked over the mayhem 3 more adventures stood up among the dead. Feros along with the 3 others traveled the rest of the way together to the city of Haz’ran which loomed in the distance, and upon managing to sneak in to the cities boundaries began investigating just what was going on. The Raven Queen, Feros’ master had instructed him to come to this city because she believed that Orcus was behind it all. After much searching the group discovered that the Shah was behind the troubles of the city, and as such the began actions to remove him from power. It was during this time the evidence began to creep up that it was not Orcus behind the plague but another, and upon confirmation the Raven Queen had Feros cease his assault upon the Shah as her only desire is to wipe out the forces of Orcus and had no desire to waste resources on anyone else. The remaining adventures were able to complete their mission and save Haz’ran from destruction but in the chaos one of the Raven Queens worshipers, Boss Shadow, the head of the local Shadow Thieves was corrupted by the Mad Dancer, the being controlling the Shah and the city had turned against her even after she had regained her mind, seeing that she was in danger and of possible future use, the Raven Queen had Feros save her from the mob and sneak her out of the city.

Feros was instructed to head back to Farun with Shadow, and thus the two began there long journey away from the sun blighted deserts and the mighty city of Haz’ran. The journey was a long one and as the days went by Feros noticed that the voice of his Queen was getting quieter and quieter, until it was but a whisper. Upon first reaching the continent of Farun, Feros and Shadow stopped at an inn, and it was that night that the Raven Queen’s voice came roaring back to him, telling him to seek out the Oracle upon Winterspire Mountain, that it was the only way to stop the evil that was coming, Feros noted that for the first time he could hear fear in her voice and with that final burst it was gone, and he woke quickly from his slumber. Looking around the room he found his vision blurring, and limbs weakening, his breath became shallow. Trying to get to his feat he stumbled knocking over a nightstand waking Shadow. Sensing what was happening that Feros was loosing his power, that he was dying she desperately cast her wild magic hoping to save him. Luckily for Feros it worked, he wondered to himself if his Queen knew this was going to happen and had him stay with Shadow for that purpose. He stood and looked around Shadow was thrown into the corner from the spell and he began crossing the room to check on her, it was then a flood of images came flooding into his head, memories, his memories ones taken from him when the Raven Queen brought him back. Shacking his head to clear the fog he began to head towards Shadow, refusing to stop and dwell on those memories until he knew she was fine. As he got closer he began to realize she looked different, maybe 6 or more years younger to be precise, and as she opened her eyes he could see only fear in them. She screamed claiming not to remember who he was and ran from the room. Feros gave chaise and came across a couple of the cities nobles, as they attempted to abduct Shadow for a night of fun Feros fought them off, killing both of them. The other patrons of the Inn collectively freaked out calling for the guards, for in this city the nobles were seen as above the law, and if you weren’t one of them you were a second class citizen. Thankful for being saved and not wanting to be caught up in the mess with guards, Shadow followed Feros as he fled the city.

With his new orders to head north, Feros did just that, though this time it was different, he did so of his own choice not because he was compelled. Upon reaching the city of Waterdeep, Shadow had decided she had gone far enough and the two went their separate ways. It was not long later that Feros saw himself looking upon a familiar sight the old beat up Inn where one could argue this whole chapter of his life started, he was back in the Moon Hills.


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