Lost Winterspire: Into the Void

Chapter 35: Across the Rift
Reintroducing Feros


- Festoon and Malachite agree to guide the refugees safely back to the Queen’s Hills.
- Etch, Stab, Machial and Feros locate Uruk, the earth genasi they had recently rescued from Wildstead’s bonfire.
- Uruk reveals he is an emissary of the Elemental Order, hoping to create peace with the Wildmen (he failed).
- The Innkeepers agree to escort Uruk back to the Elemental Order.
- Uruk guides them across the Great Rift that separates this floating land in two.
- Upon the massive root bridge, they are attacked by Chuul, otherworldly lobster creatures.
- They narrowly make it across, arriving in the Dead Bogs known to be home of the Templars.

Chapter 34: Out of the Hills and into the Fire
Reintroducing Festoon


- Festoon, Etch, Malachite and Stab meet at Queen’s Refuge.
- They agree to investigate the ominous Crescent that threaten’s breaking the Moon Hills into the endless void.
- They discover the Two-Headed Kobold, bearing the Undersea Helm that is known to resist the affects of the radioactive Crescent.
- The Innkeepers instead head northwards into the WIld Jungles, finding themselves in Wildstead, home to the Wildmen.
- They find a captured Earth Genasi, known as Uruk.
- Festoon and Etch are nearly captured, but Festoon transformed into a Giant Eagle and allows their escape.
- Malachite and Stab rescue Uruk and numerous other refugees in the meantime.

Chapter 33: Terror at Queen's Refuge


- Niloc, Malachite, Stab and Machial awake at Queen’s Refuge
- Miri informs the party of a map she had commissioned a cartographer to make, a task that took him nearly a year and drove him mad.
- The Innkeepers agree to find the map, said to be sold among the merchants within the refugee camp.
- The party reunites with Ataba, only to learn he has succumbed to the Void Terrors that have been haunting him.
- The Void terrors reach out and attack the villagers of the town, leading to many deaths but are ultimately subdued by the Innkeepers.
- A trail is held to remove them from town, but the Innkeepers are able to garner support.
- The map is returned to Queen Miri.

Chapter 32: The Queen's Hills


- Etch, Stab find themselves barely alive and desperate to find civilization.
- A man approaches, known as the Priest of Lathander.
- He has gone mad and walks upon the Road of Despair to the edge of the land, hoping to escape this cruel world.
- The party attempts to rob and trip him, but he escapes and quickly leaves.
- The Innkeepers agree to head southwards, learning of a refugee camp nearby.
- They pass the great, radioactive Crescent Moon and learn they are being tracked by Displacer Beasts.
- As they arrive at the gates to the Queen’s Hills, they are stopped by the border guard, Bashe who attempts to con them out of coin.
- They outwit her and travel to the camp, only to be ambushed by the Displacer Beasts that have been hunting them.
- However, they safely arrive at the refugee camp and meet the Queen of the Hills, revealed to be Miri, the barmaid en of the former Moon Hills Inn.

Chapter 31: The Wild Temple
Introducing Machial


With the Beholder defeated behind them, Etch, Stab and Niloc discover that Malachite has gone missing within the Wild Temple. It becomes apparent that the Temple is a labyrinthine maze, shifting to confuse its prisoners.

However, they quickly encounter a Fire Genasi sorcerer, a new race of people who have become plane-touched by the elemental chaos since the Voiding. He is the noble Machial from House Velliano". With few allies and little chance of survival on their own, they venture deeper into the Temple.

Before long, they encounter what appears to be lost spirits, a Temple and a Wild man, former champions sent within this prison to execute the Beholders held within. At every corner, they are harassed by mind sucking Intellect devourers. These small aberrations are servants of the Beholders whose goal is to devour the brains of their victims in order to serve the Beholder.

Nonetheless the adventurers find their escape by using the Stone Gladius to unlock the final exit. They are greeted by benevolent spirits known as the Couatl, lords of lightning. Despite their benevolence, the Couatl are bound to the Beholder tyrants and cannot stop themselves from preventing the adventurers escape. In the process, they completely killing Machial with multiple streaks of lightning before being defeated by the remaining adventurers.

Having defeated the Couatl, they discover a pile of soil beneath their altar. Crawling within, they find themselves re-birthed on the edges of the Wild Jungles. Before long, Malachite crawls from beneath the soil as well, only to discover the corpse of Machial at her friend’s feet.

Knowing the opening of the Void granted her new powers, Malachite attempted her first ritual of Raise Dead, successfully returning Machial to life but unleashing Void Terrors into the World as a consequence.

Now, with shimmering purple hills in the distance, the adventurers must find their way to civilization to recover from their deepening wounds…

Chapter 30 (Prologue): The Void
Introducing Etch and Stab


Awoken in the jungle, the adventurers find themselves without equipment, wearing only rags and a burlap sack tied upon their head.

As the sack is removed, they are surrounded by swarms of savage Wild men, now mutated with rows of shark teeth and claws.

Etch, Stab, Niloc and Malachite discover they are actually sacrificial champions and will be taken to the Temples of the Wilds. There, the Wardruna will send them within the temple to slay the otherworldly Beholders that lie within.

As they enter a Beholder emerges, calling himself one of the Tyrants who now rule over this realm. With every ounce of strength, they are able to vanquish the Beholder and escape deeper within the Temple of the Wilds.

It is here, on day 1 of the Voiding, where our new adventure begins…

Chapter 29 (Epilogue): Peak of the World
The end of Tiamat


Epilogue for the Innkeepers of Winterspire: Chapters 1-29

Long before the age of man, these lands were ruled by the Giants and Dragons of Old. Tiamat, Queen of the Dragons, rose against the Giants, hoping to establish the Dragon as rulers of the primordial world. The Giants, in their last bastion of glory, banished Tiamat to the Nine Hells. And in doing so, they vanquished themselves, the Dragon and the ancient world they lived within.

As it often does, history repeats itself. During 1214, in the towering stone Moon Hills Inn, the legend began. An inn owned by the former adventurer Brutus on the border of the towering Winterspire Mountains was clamouring with adventurers. Each of them, for one reason or another, was seeking to climb to the Peak of Winterspire Mountains to be granted their legendary wish.

Instead, they found themselves embroiled in an ancient conflict between Dragon and Giant. An ill-spoken dragonborn known as Talimar sent them on a quest to retrieve his Serpent Herb, lost within the Misty Rock. Once retrieved, the adventurers discovered the truth: Tiamat has returned and seeks to devour the very world they live upon.

There was Rozzo, a moustached man who claims to be from the village of Merrittonia, though no one’s ever heard of that place.

Steeb, the gnome wizard seeking the infinite knowledge of the world beyond the confines of his cloister.

Niloc, the tiefling warlock raised by wolves within the Wild Forests.

Malachite, the tielfing trickster convict who escaped from Waterdeep and a profound mushroom entrepreneur.

Bal-darok, the battle-born half-orc paladin of Pelor and Atremis, a seasoned wizard of the divine and reknown son of Elminster of Waterdeep.

Festoon, the Halfling entertainer known for his extravagant accordion shows and his ability to transform into the circus animals he entertains with.

Farin, the dwarven pyromaniac wild sorcerer whose uncontrollable powers shock those around him.

And lastly, one who refused to join the Innkeepers and swore allegiance only to the Giants, Beats. The Goliath champion and avatar of ancient vengeance.

These are the adventurers who would form the Order of the Innkeepers alongside Brutus and Miri, owners of the Moon Hills Inn. And it was the Innkeepers would lead the call to arms against Tiamat’s return.

Under the reign of King Hrothgar, they helped form the Bannercall. That is, the march of the Winterspire’s thanes under one banner to meet Tiamat’s Black Legion from the East. The Innkeepers also traveled to Waterdeep and made themselves reknown among the cities masses. Using their political clout, they beseeched the Council of Waterdeep to form an army of their own to assist the Kingdom of Winterspire against Tiamat’s wrath.

With an army secured to stop the Black Legion, the Innkeepers now needed a means to vanquish Tiamat. Atremis, son of Elminster, revealed to them that he alone carried the Skull of Orcus. If they could find the Staff of Orcus, they could form Scepter that banished Tiamat prior.

As the armies of the Bannercall and Waterdeep clashed against Tiamat’s Black Legion, the adventurers climbed up Winterspire Peak, hoping to craft the Scepter of Orcus. Below, the Black Legion was stopped dead in their tracks, despite casualties on both sides. However, it bought Tiamat enough time to make her way up Winterspire Peak.

At the peak, the goliath Beats awaited his moment against Tiamat, having been foiled by Rozzo and the Innkeepers with a fake staff. As the Innkeepers reached Winterspire Peak, Oracles sat in anticipation of their arrival as the goliath brooded with vengeance.

With Tiamat momentarily bound by the wasted wish of a love-struck monk, the Innkeepers took their moment to strike. As Rozzo raised the Scepter of Orcus against Tiamat, he banished her to the Nine Hells.

Orcus, devil of the Nine Hells, decided to seize the moment and trade places with Tiamat. Sitting upon the Peak of Winterspire and the very peak of the World, he raised his weapon to rip the world asunder and unleash his devils upon Winterspire.

Instead, the Wizard Steeb used his wish to unleash a torrent of magical energy upon the Peak of World and opening a great void upon the skyline. As Orcus was ejected into a far off plane, the Void was controllable and the entire Kingdom of Winterspire with it.

And here, after this catastrophic moment, is where our adventurer begins. Into the Weird World of the Lost Void!

Chapter 28: Siege of Winterspire


On the 13th day of the Rotting, the Black Legion arrived in Winterspire, swarming from all directions.

Despite all odds, the siege was broken and the Black Legion was defeated by the united efforts of the Bannercall and Waterdeep, among others.

While victorious, Tiamat abandoned her army only to escape towards Winterspire Peak. There, she hoped to reach the Oracles and remake the world of Faerun to her liking.

Chapter 27: Halls of the Elements
Staff of Orcus Part II


Within the mining town of Stoneheim, the adventurers entered the mines to find the Halls of the Elements. According to Atremus, the ancient elemental tomb is the location of the Staff of Orcus, the second half to the only weapon that can defeat Tiamat (or any deity).

After passing the Trials of the Elements, the Staff of Orcus was discovered. However, it was snatched by Rozzo who quickly disappeared.

Chapter 26: Gods among Men
Staff of Orcus Part I


On the 4th day of the Rotting, the adventurers made their way up every grueling step of the Fortress of Frost, besieged by the Giants of Old on the far side of Icewind Glacier. With only 9 days before the Black Legion arrives, time was of the essence.

As Woestag, King of the Frost Orcs fell, so did his army. Their blackened hearts stopped in unison as they collapsed in silence. The Frost Orc were no more, and the siege of the Giants has been won. The Innkeepers had presumably gained favour with the Giants of Old.

Mighty roars of the Giants of the Old thundered across the frozen fortress in triumph. In the distance, the glacier began to crack and heave. From beneath, a gigantic fist burst through the ice, swelling with burning embers.

As his massive ancient arm pulled his body above the glacier, he spoke: “I am Ymir. King of the Giants of Old. The First Man!”

With the Giants on the war path, the Innkeepers decided to head towards Stoneheim, hoping to recruit the dwarves to the Bannercall and search for the Staff of Orcus, hidden within Stoneheim’s mines.


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