Quests of the Void

Faction Quests:

Beginning of the End: The Core that sustains this world has been deactivated. The party has located one of the Soul Relics (the Sun Shard) said by Evermore to able to breath life back into the Core.

Godzilla!: Both the Elemental Order and the Anarch of Evermore seek to plant Krang as the brain of the mechanically rebuilt dragon goddess once known as Lady Silverstar, hoping to unleash its destructive power.

The Vestiges of the Void: Queen Miri is deeply concerned about the nearby radioactive Crescent Moon, known to be a Vestige of the Void. These are said to be the source of the Void’s otherworldly changes. Only with the Soul Relics can the Crescent Moon be communed with…

Side Quests:

Lost Innkeepers: Locate the missing Innkeepers (Atremis, Rozzo and Steeb) including its former founder, Brutus.

Treasure of Despair: Treasure has been rumored to be located at the end of the Road of Despair.

Glimmer of Hope: The gods have been silent since the opening of the Void. The former Templar al-Falik has indicated that he has been the first to hear the gods whispers…

Tyranny of the Wild: Within the Wild Temples, the party encountered an otherwordly Beholder. These tyrants seem bent on ruling the Wilds as their own…

Completed Quests:
• Escape the Wild Temple and find civilization.
• Queen’s Refuge: Locate the Map of the Void.
• Queen’s Refuge: Rescue the refugees from the Wildmen.
• Elemental Order: Escort Uruk to the Elemental Order.
• Elemental Order: The Machine has been met.
• Anarch of Evermore: The Mouth has a plan to reactivate the Core.


Quests of the Void

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