Quests of the Void

Quest of the Universe: The Keeper of Time has tasked the Innkeepers to find the Vestiges of the Void and bring them to the Anomalies of the Void. Doing so will allow them to create their own world in their own imagining.

Vestiges of the Void: Retrieve these soul fragments.
1. The Sun Shard (ACTIVATED)
2. The Moon Rock (ACTIVATED)
3. The Oracles Eye
4. The Balor’s Heart
5. The Wild Seed
6. Ymir’s Crown
7. The Blood of Hrothgar (Mankind)
8. Krang???

Anomalies of the Void : Bring the Vestiges to any of these geographical anomalies.
1. The Peak of the Void
2. The Crescent Moon (ACTIVATED)
3. The Seeds of Stone
4. The Abyssal Lance
5. The Core (ACTIVATED)
6. The Shimmering Crown
7. Scholomance
8. The Rift

Side Quests: Minor objectives that may or may not be connected to main story.

Lost Innkeepers: Locate the missing Innkeepers: Atremis, Steeb and its founder, Brutus.
Treasure of Despair: The Road of Despair is said to house many treasures…
Tyranny of the Wild: Otherworldly Beholders seek to rule the Wilds.
Godzilla!: What remains of the Elemental Order hopes to plant Krang within the mechanical dead dragon goddess known as Godzilla.


Quests of the Void

Lost Winterspire: Into the Void Valsu Valsu